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We look forward to your submissions of essays, short stories, poetry, reporting, and works of art or photographic art. NWTeens provides a site for you to share your work with other teens, family, teachers, and the general public.

Your work can be light-hearted or serious. It can be personal, educational or have social relevance. It can even be fun. We ask that you, the writer or the artist, submit your own work. We do encourage you to seek guidance from your parents, teachers or a teen mentor. And, please, no four letter words, violent artwork or mean-spirited written works.

If you write about a concern or a fear, you must submit at least one solution that works for everyone involved. In other words, the solution has to be inclusive. The goal is to learn how to solve problems that will work for everyone: you win and the other person wins, too, or a group of people win and the other group of people involved also win. This scenario could be as simple as how to share a computer or a video game with a brother or sister, or it could be as serious as how we provide funding for schools or reduce smog or preserve our environment. For instance, school-funding issues would take some research. You would have to find out who pays for children to go to school, why there isn’t enough money, how we can provide more money for schools and still make sure that everyone who is involved with the problem comes out a winner. It has to work for everybody, not just a certain few people. This will require a lot of thought and it’s a challenge we offer to you, the writer or the artist. (For the artist: artwork or photographic art can say a lot).

We want older teens to mentor younger teens. That is why the wide age ranges, twelve to twenty. Most of all, we want you to have fun with your writing and artwork.

See you on line!


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