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2007 Legislative Pocket GuideWelcome to the official Ariela Press website! There have been many challenges (publishing is not easy by any stretch of the imagination), but here we are! Our staff has coined the phrase "perseverence in publishing", especially when the going got tough. However, the tough got going - and now we are on a roll.

During the past ten years, you have seen publications such as The Antique & Retro Guide, The Women's Resource Directory, What's Happening On Alberta Street, and many other publications in traditional print form. You can still count on seeing printed publications, such as the 2007 Oregon Legislative Pocket Guide, now available for purchase!

Ariela Press prides itself on it's positive influence in the publishing community. This means we look for participation from the community, both residents and business owners. We look forward to meeting and serving you, the public!

Sylvia Zingeser
Publisher and Owner



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